Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Hawk

The following series of photos was taken at the Wye Marsh Festival, in Midland, ON. There was tons of fun stuff (pancakes, horse wagon rides, facing painting, etc.) for little kids. I'll post a few more photos when I have time. But the ones below were definitely the highlight of the event. There was a bunch of bigger kids who got to do this first, and eventually Jakob got tired of waiting with his hand up and while the hawk was flying around, he just ran up to the bird handler yelling "PLEASE!" It worked. And the most amazing was that, unlike the big kids, he wasn't scared of the hawk--as you can clearly see below.

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Watching "Mighty Machines" with Ben, Min & Steve

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Hangin' Out with Parker

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First Kiss

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Big Boy Bed

Tonight Jakob is sleeping in a "big boy bed" (as a opposed to a crib) for the first time. He didn't complain too much, but at the very end, when we told him we were very proud of him, all he said was "Its very sad." :-(

Reflections on Gender and Make Up

Out of the blue yesterday: "Mama wears make up and Bunia wears make up. Girls wear make up. Boys don't wear make up. You don't wear make up."

Two More Minutes

Most pleasant things in Jakob's life always get a notice of "two more minutes" before they are about to end. Taking advantage of this, Jakob proposed the following course of action when told to get out of the bath: "Two more minutes and two more minutes and two more minutes and two more minutes and two more minutes. OK! That's a good idea."

Friday, March 5, 2010

Funny Stuff

Conversation this morning, when Jakob first woke up:
Jakob: "You [I] woke up, and it's not late anymore!"
Me: "Its not late anymore?"
J: "Of course!"
A couple minutes later Andrea asks him what he would like to do today.
J: "Put some coins in the laundry and go bowling."