Monday, January 25, 2010

Jakob's growing up...

Despite my distaste for electronic exhibitionism (which is at least partly a cover for laziness, which is what really led to the suspension of this blog), I've decided to make a renewed effort to keep it going. Here's why: First, Jakob's talking up a storm, and some of the things he says are so outrageously funny that I can't help but want to write them down. And since I'm writing them down anyway, might as well share them. Second, looking at the two photos below (the one above from last January, the one below from a couple days ago) has made me realize how quickly time is going by, and how easy its to lose track of it [nostalgic sigh]... Third, and this is probably the real reason, Jakob is a really sweet kid and I'd like to share his progress through life with all the people who care about him. So I promise I'll do my best to keep updating this regularly from now on.

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