Wednesday, November 10, 2010


The Skeleton with his sidekick -- 'Bloodthirsty Panda.'
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The 'Friendly Pumpkin' and the 'Bloodthirsty Panda.'
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Julia's First Ever Recorded Smile

Photo date Oct 15. Sorry for the late post!
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Pumpkins and Trains

Jakob loaded up a bunch of little pumpkins onto one of his trains.
"Dad, can you tell me where the pumpkins are going?"
"I don't know Jakob."
"Can you try to know?"
"Maybe they're going to Pumpkin Station?"
"NOOOOOOO, Dad! You made a funny joke! They're going to the pumpkin field!"

Quotes of the Week

"Mom, can you please try to know what I didn't tell you?"

"But I forgot to tell you so many things!" (At 10pm as the lights go out)

Julia weighs in at...

... 10 lbs 3 oz. Hooray!